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we're planning a wake in loving memory of hij @ blizzcon (aka dinner). post if you're interested in attending. just kidding this is mandatory

more details to follow

best of luck in your future endeavors

parting gift from us to u:
Print article Sep 21 2015 Goodbye
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lets post sad songs


(sorry, i never could get the youtube embed code working for the forums)
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im being told that waldo owes 19 people 50k gold

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Mythic Mannoroth died, 12/13M

that other post was getting too long

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Mythic Hellfire Citadel 12/13M

manno down! no ss atm

mom we killed the boss, it only took me 286 pulls!

someone lets me do all these updates myself, nice

moonkin clique

thx for the help, <illest> - kil'jaeden!

welcome to confusing name split runs

its been 72 days since i last raided with virsta

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