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Hey, yes we still have our accounts... I'm not a huge fan of fish anyhow.

If your gm got banned, I can assure you that ours is still here. If you're looking for a guild I reply quickly to forum PMs and btag requests!  Strong applicants can circumvent some of the application process by talking to me beforehand.  If you have extensive raiding history at maximum difficulty or consistently great logs then you should feel pretty confident.
Currently we could use a the melee listed to the left on the sidebar. (rogue, ret, dk)

>fishing while sleeping
>recruiting birds and death knights
>some players got banned

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we killed a thing
good job team

dear screenshotters,
zoom in
sincerely yours,

thanks brad

Aurrora wins the mount

calling out brad padding

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Currently 9/10


we had an okay time

hey mom we killed kromag!
(and gruul and beastlord and oregorger and germans and flamebender)

in other news: yuffa's been having a weird new year

additonally, all melfs have been purged

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hey guys good work, us10!

make sure to not schedule any more holidays during raiding days.
btw can someone send me the hij watermark pls :(

oh, yuffa...

the next noodle

just between you and me but

speaks for itself

Recruitment Note:
Our roster is pretty solid atm but we could fit in a few established raiders.  These raid slots would absolutely be competative so you need to have your shit in order. If you consider yourself the best raider in your guild, upgraded all your boes 8 weeks ago, and care a ridiculous amount about your class then please apply.  Please feel free to message me to get a better feel about our roster's needs, especially if you play something relatively niche.
Apply here!
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hey someone finally got a screenshot, sorta. gj everyone

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