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Congratulations to Yeti on Smoldering Egg of Millagazor

We killed Ragnaros tonight to finish off a great first week in Firelands.  Looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead in the heroic encounters.

We're also looking to add another healer or two to our raid team for this tier and beyond.  If you're a competent healer (any class) who wants to have fun and kill heroic Firelands bosses with us, please submit an application.

A special shout out to <The Flying Hellfish>, it was a close call for this server first.  The real race begins on Tuesday!
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It's been a long, rough ride these first few months of Cataclysm, but we're there (we've been there for a few weeks now, but haven't really posted anything.)

We're looking to bolster our roster with people who share enthusiasm for playing well, communicating and knowing how to deal with each encounter's mechanics as well as being able to hold their rotations at the same time.

If you enjoy pulling packs like this:

We are accepting exceptional applicants of any and all classes to bolster our roster for Firelands.

I for one, hope, that we don't have to see anymore fights requiring 3 interrupts, 5+ personal responsibility mechanics in one phase, and so on and so forth. As much as “Heroic” raids should be hard, not every boss has to be a Heroic: Lich King in terms of the effort needed to slay the dragon.

Thanks to everyone who's helped complete this tier with us.

I'll leave you with a gem that I was left with:
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So we killed another boss

And learned some things about our new officers.

Video to come on the weekend. Also we're still recruiting!
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But this guy is:

I think we lost about 5 tanks this tier but Cho'gall finally died. Good job on another realm first everyone.

Fuck you maen

Next up

Let's see how many tanks we go through this time. Oh and we're recruiting.
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Didn't even have to extend or buy a raid lockout to prevent the attempted leapfrog  ;)

Video to come soon.
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