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Warlock Closed
Warrior High
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Print article Nov 23 2014 Rag Down!
written by felsi | 153 Views | 1 Reply
we had to go before the raid cause its a long one

(mages went frost so we could kill it, thanks guys)

grats fountaiin on hand of rag!

written by felsi | 1504 Views | 10 Replies

if you are considering applying to HIJ please take a minute to compare yourself to our raiders of your role/spec.  our roster is very full for mythic and will require downsizing. this means that we can only take applicants with a solid raid history and proven performance.  if you want to inquire before filling out the app i am glad to answer your messages in game or on the forums.

happy birthday 5.4 :v

I don't know if I needed reminding.
written by felsi | 1025 Views | 0 Replies

what chu gonna do when theres nothing new to update on you

In other news, looking for a throughput healer and, idk, a rogue and high dps duders who like soo. We're currently raiding bi-weekly iykwim.
written by Martencar | 2572 Views | 5 Replies
written by Martencar | 4015 Views | 15 Replies

US 16th

obligatory quotes

digi being digi

digi being digi... again

bird being bird...

i would say bird being bird but this is normal druid chat

sounds about right

felsic telling me about phys being phys

thanks finer

: mage

dongus 2 longus himself

hij soundboard!
click babyjace then patentz for best results

good job everyone on the kill
thank you people who sat, i really do wish i could get everyone in for a 25 man kill but with a larger than 25 roster that's impossible
much appreciated

kill dedicated to fnode, the one and only dicknose; give us more stupid things to put in kill shots for next expansion
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