Exceptional Applicants for all classes will be considered
Death Knight Low
Druid Low
Hunter Closed
Mage Closed
Monk Low
Paladin Closed
Priest Closed
Rogue Closed
Shaman Closed
Warlock Closed
Warrior Low
Hover over the recruitment level for details

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hey guys good work, us10!

make sure to not schedule any more holidays during raiding days.
btw can someone send me the hij watermark pls :(

oh, yuffa...

the next noodle

just between you and me but

speaks for itself

Our roster is pretty full for some classes but we could really use melee: Dps Death Knights, Feral Druids, Windwalker Monks, and a DPS Warriors are encouraged to inquire. If you are a different class then you can still check our logs to see if you want to apply.

Apply here!

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hey someone finally got a screenshot, sorta. gj everyone

Print article Nov 23 2014 Rag Down!
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we had to go before the raid cause its a long one

(mages went frost so we could kill it, thanks guys)

grats fountaiin on hand of rag!

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if you are considering applying to HIJ please take a minute to compare yourself to our raiders of your role/spec.  our roster is very full for mythic and will require downsizing. this means that we can only take applicants with a solid raid history and proven performance.  if you want to inquire before filling out the app i am glad to answer your messages in game or on the forums.

happy birthday 5.4 :v

I don't know if I needed reminding.
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what chu gonna do when theres nothing new to update on you

In other news, looking for a throughput healer and, idk, a rogue and high dps duders who like soo. We're currently raiding bi-weekly iykwim.
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